1) Edit the lyrics to suit Karaoke

Karaoke does not use punctuation. Please remove all periods, commas, question and exclamation marks and also quotation marks.

Divides the text into lines that are easy to read at once. A typical line break is after a phrase.

We advise dividing long phrases so that there are about 30 characters on one line. Singa shows longer lines, but the text may scale unnecessarily small. Too short lines may on the other hand be too fast to be sung, as the view usually has three lines at a time. Of course, if the word is sung for a long time, there can also be just one word per line. We recommend you to sing some of your favourite songs with Singa first to get the idea.

Listen to the original song performance while editing the lyrics. Remove any extra words that the original soloist is not singing and add the essential adlibs like ooh, yeah or woo-hoo.

2) Synchronize the text with the sung version with your chosen software

Singa has support for all these different file formats: .srt, .txt, .lrc, .xml, and .mid.

There are various different softwares you can use for text syncing. Here we present some of them and how to use them for creating a sync file that will work in Singa.

Once you've learnt how to use your chosen software, syncing karaoke will be fast and fun!

Note! If you have any other software than the ones listed here, please contact us first to check if the format of your program is compatible with Singa.

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