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How to request songs in venues?
How to request songs in venues?

Search for Singa venues nearby, check in, and send song requests swiftly from the mobile app.

Written by Daniella Lassas
Updated over a week ago

A paid Singa Premium subscription is not required for checking in to venues and sending song requests. Venues feature is available for all registered users through our mobile app.

Here’s how to request songs in the Singa mobile app:

  • Download the Singa mobile app for your mobile device from the App Store or Google Play Store.

  • Open the application and sign in. If you haven’t previously created a Singa user account, sign up first. 

  • In the bottom navigation, tap ‘Venues.’ You can find karaoke venues by:

  1. scrolling through the list,

  2. searching for the venue by name or location,

  3. using map view (opens from the "location" icon at the top right corner).

  • When you find the venue, tap 'Connect to Venue.' A green indicator is displayed when the karaoke venue is open and ready to take in song requests.

  • Find a song you like and leave a song request to the karaoke host by tapping the ‘Request Song' button. If the switch is inactive, first select the version of the song.

  • A data bar appears at the bottom of the application, from which you can track the requested songs and their status. 

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