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Karaoke sets from our partners

Where can I find karaoke sets?

Written by Daniella Lassas
Updated over a week ago

First of all, if you want to sing so that your neighbors hear it too (and if they get bothered, ask them to join the karaoke party!), you will need a microphone, a mixer, and an amplified speaker.

Here are a couple of good options we've tested and that are recommended. 

Kbox Karaoke Kit

To get your karaoke game up easily, we recommend you Kbox Karaoke Kit by Sunfly, which is an easy-to-use karaoke set, including professional -sound-quality microphones with tone and reverb options and necessary cables, and a mixer that transforms your computer, iPad or smartphone into a proper Karaoke system. With Karaoke Kit, you’ll only need a computer, Smart TV, iPad, or a phone, speakers, and an internet connection to get the singing out loud! And, of course, Singa, you’ll have access to tens of thousands of songs.

Other options 

Plenty of other options and different karaoke sets are available at our partners. Ask for more info and recommendations from the stores!

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