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How do I connect Singa to sound system and what equipment do I need for a complete karaoke experience at home?
How do I connect Singa to sound system and what equipment do I need for a complete karaoke experience at home?

What equipment do I need to connect Singa to my sound system for a complete karaoke experience at home?

Written by Daniella Lassas
Updated over a week ago

If you want to sing so that your neighbors can hear it too, you need a microphone and sound amplification equipment - in addition to Singa. The most common microphone for singing is the dynamic vocal microphone. A microphone of sufficient quality and durability is available for less than 100€, and popular brands include Shure, AKG, and Sennheiser.

The microphone and the device that plays karaoke music must also be connected to something: you need a mixer and sound system. The microphone usually cannot be connected directly to a TV or sound system. The microphone should always be connected to a mixer, with which you can adjust the volume, sound level, and possible echo/reverb effects, as well as background music. There are many types of mixers, and the most suitable ones for home use are relatively cheap and straightforward to use.

You need these four things for the perfect Singa home karaoke:

  1. A phone, tablet, or computer that plays Singa

  2. TV or other monitor and a connecting cable (HDMI cable from laptop to TV and possible adapter for iPad)

  3. Microphone(s) and mixer and their cables (XLR cable)

  4. Sound systems, for example, separate active speakers or home entertainment system

How to set it up:

  1. The sound output from the karaoke device (e.g. phone or computer) is connected to the mixer in its channel with an RCA cable and the image with an HDMI cable to the TV.

  2. The microphones are connected to the mixer with their channels using an XLR cable.

  3. The mixer adjusts the microphone volume and makes fine adjustments to the sound.

  4. The sound from the mixer is connected to the audio system/speaker.

NB! If you use Singa via Android TV or Apple TV, you need to connect the sound from the TV to the mixer. It is not advisable to send the microphone sound directly to the TV via various Bluetooth systems, as the volume control can be difficult and the singing itself can be even more difficult due to the delay caused by Bluetooth.

You can explore various options and ready-made karaoke sets on our partners' pages. More information here.

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