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How can I get my favorite song in Singa?

Written by Natalie
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Submit your suggestion for the next new Singa Karaoke song

You can send song requests to and we will forward them to our karaoke producers.

Please note that there are a large number of song requests daily, so releases may take some time. You can follow the new song releases at

Our content team forwards all requests that come to us to karaoke producers, who then implement some of the songs. The implementation depends on how much the song has been requested and whether the license rights have already been obtained.

We do not choose individual songs for distribution; we only produce a small part of the songs in the service ourselves, mostly newer Nordic songs. Some of the big catalogs that we distribute are, e.g., Sunfly, Stingray, Digitrax, and PartyTyme. If a certain song is missing, we can forward a request to these producers to produce a karaoke version of the song.

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