Would you like to have your own song in Singa?

Are you an artist, songwriter, or indie publisher whose songs should be included in our karaoke service?

Karaoke offers various benefits. You can learn to sing new songs and it can also act as a promotional channel: someone may learn a song when they hear it in karaoke. And wouldn't it be great if you could hear your own songs sung by someone else at a karaoke party!

Singa is a karaoke distributor who will be happy to list your songs too. Here’s how to do it: As we do not use karaoke videos, we need the music as audio files and lyrics in so-called sync files. In addition, we need some metadata and agreements with the owners of the recording and the lyricist of the song.

Follow these instructions to get your own song in our system:

1) Create a karaoke mix of your song. Usually the karaoke mix is called the singback version, i.e. it is otherwise the same as the original mix, but the lead vocalist is missing. All of the instruments and backing vocals can be left in place and there is no need to play anything extra for the karaoke mix. The mere instrumental backing also works.

Special case: If the song starts with vocals, you may need to record a chord and a count-in (e.g. four clicks) to help the singer.

A common question is whether karaoke mixes should also be mastered. It would be good to master it similar to the original, of course, but if that is not possible, please check that the karaoke mix plays about as loud as the original.

2) Make sure the karaoke mix and the original (sung) version are in sync with each other. Open them inside the same DAW and make sure they start at the same time. If you added a count-in to the karaoke version, move the sung version to start at the same point. Bounce (export, downmix) either wav or high quality mp3 (320) files.

3) Edit the lyrics of the song for karaoke and make or make a sync file according to a separate instruction below.

4) Collect the following metadata for the song:

-song name

-original artist

-composer (s) and lyricist (s)

-Publisher (s) - If the song is not published, enter Manus here


-Release year of the original version

-Karaoke version owner (record label, your band, whoever owns the master recording)

+ ISRC code and ISWC code (optional)

5) Provide us with:

-A karaoke mix

-A sung version (the original mix)

-A sync file (.txt, .lrc, .xml or .mid)


-Contact details of the owner of the master recording (name, e-mail, number)

-Contact details of the lyricist or publisher (name, e-mail, number)

+ cover image of single or album (optional)

You can send all of this via WeTransfer to luca@singa.com.

Terms of publication:

Singa makes a distribution agreement with the owner of the master recording. If the song is released by a record company, a contract must be made with the company. Please find out first that you have the required permission to distribute your song in Singa.

Singa makes a graphic rights agreement with the lyricist or a representing party (e.g. the publisher).

Singa may publish the song for distribution if we receive all the requested items. Audio files must be in sync (step 2) and the sync file must be done exactly as instructed, otherwise it may not work.

Compensation for the use of the song will be paid to the owner of the master recording. The authors of the song also receive royalties and, in addition, the graphic rights to the lyrics are paid separately to the lyricist.

Please contact luca@singa.com if you have any problems or questions.

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