Creating a songlist

You can create a playlist before you decide which songs to put in or fly in by first selecting a song you want to add to your playlist.

Creating a playlist with a browser

  1. Log in to your Singa account

  2. Press the Profile icon

  3. Select My Playlist

  4. Click Create a new playlist

  5. Give the song list a name and description

  6. Save

Please note that you can then edit your playlist by selecting the playlist you created. Under Edit, you also specify the privacy of your playlist (playlists are always public unless you change the setting).

Then find the song you want to add to the list

  1. Select the version of the song you want

  2. Press three points at the top right

  3. Press Add to... and select the playlist you want (Or create a new playlist)

Playing playlists in a queue

When the song list is complete, you can play the entire list in the queue.

  1. Select my playlist

  2. Go inside the song list

  3. Press Add to Queue

To edit the queue, drag songs up or down, or press the trash can icon to remove a song from the queue.

Creating a playlist through the mobile app

  1. Open the Singa app and click on "My Library" at the bottom

  2. Select Song Lists

  3. Press the Plus sign (Create a new playlist)

  4. Enter a name

Then search for the desired song, for example, using the search function or via the Recommendations section. You can also create playlists from the flight through the song you selected by selecting Create New Playlist.

  1. Open the song and select the version you want (remember to save!)

  2. Press three points at the top right

  3. Click Add to Song List

  4. Select the playlist you want

Add a playlist to the queue in the mobile app

Add playlist to queue:

  1. Press My Library

  2. Select Song Lists

  3. Select the song list you want

  4. Press Add to Queue

  5. Go to Queue at the bottom

  6. Start singing

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