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The backing vocals and support vocals of Singa karaoke
The backing vocals and support vocals of Singa karaoke

Why do some songs have backing or support vocals, and how can they be effectively used?

Written by Per Granqvist
Updated over a week ago

Backing vocals, which you usually hear during the chorus of songs, are vocal tracks added by the karaoke producer before passing the song on to us. This type of vocal track can generally not be switched off. You can listen through the different versions of a song to find the one you like the best.

Some songs also include a Support vocals feature, simply called Vocals within Singa. This means there is a vocal track throughout the song, giving you support, e.g., if you're not yet familiar with the song and want to practice. Please see below for steps on how to switch this feature on/off.

On a mobile device:

Open the song and tap Settings at the bottom of the page

From Settings, you can activate Supporting vocals, and change the Live Mic settings as well as the pitch. Remember to tap Done to save the changes you made.

In the web browser version:

Open the song, and you'll see the below settings. You can select the song version, switch Support vocals on and also change the pitch. The settings will be saved automatically without a separate Save button.

Apple TV:

Open the app and go to Song settings. First, choose your desired pitch, and then you can decide whether you want to activate the Support vocals or not.
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