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Why can't I find all the songs I want to sing?
Why can't I find all the songs I want to sing?

How can I leave a song request?

Written by Daniella Lassas
Updated over a week ago

We are constantly striving to expand our karaoke catalog and keep adding new content on a weekly basis. If you can’t find a particular song, it may be because there is no karaoke version available of the song or it has not yet been added to our collection. However, our goal is for you to find all your favorite karaoke songs on Singa.

We are therefore happy to receive any suggestions and tips on the songs you want on Singa. You can send your requests to, or you can send them directly from your Singa account. Go to, sign in, click your user account, and choose Request Song.

If the song can be found in the catalogs of one of our affiliated karaoke companies we can add it to our collection quite quickly. If the song is not in any catalog we have a license to use we pass on a request to the karaoke producers. 

Have more questions? Drop us a line: 

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