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Singa song catalog

Singa's catalog has over 100 000 songs, so there's something for everyone! Learn more about how to use our constantly growing music library.

Written by Daniella Lassas
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  1. Search Bar - Click What do you want to sing and write down the song or artist you are looking for.

  2. Language - Choose which languages you want to include in your search.

  3. Genre - Choose from over 30 different genres.

  4. Features - Some of the songs might have extra features, such as backing vocals, plus-feature, duet, explicit or original version.

    1. Vocals - Songs tagged with vocals have backing vocals (helping vocals). This feature is great if you prefer some background singing while you perform. Note. Remember that you can turn the vocals on and off in the song settings.

    2. Plus - This feature allows you to track your pitch with red lines.

    3. Duet - This feature allows you to share the joy of singing with your friend. Follow the different lyrics colors and enjoy!

    4. Explicit - A feature that means an inappropriate lyric.

    5. Original - The filter will show all tracks for which the original version is available.

  5. Sorting the results

    The Sort by feature is available at the top right of the page. You can use sorting to organize your search results, for example, by song title, artist name, recently added, popularity, or duration.

The filters you choose will appear at the top of the page, where you can also delete them one by one or clear them all at a time.

Find the Singa song catalog here.

How to send song requests to Singa

Scroll to the bottom of the catalog page and click Request song. Fill in the Song name and Artist name. Then press Send request and your request has been sent!

You can also email your song requests to

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