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I’m experiencing problems with Singa
I’m experiencing problems with Singa

If you are having issues with the app (e.g. unexpected crashes or songs not loading properly), try if these check-ups will solve the problem

Written by Daniella Lassas
Updated over a week ago

If you're having trouble with Singa, try the following first:

  • Restart the application

  • Log out of Singa and log in again with your Singa credentials

  • Close unused programs/apps running in the background

  • Check your internet connection. You can test the speed of your Internet connection at We recommend a speed of at least 10 Mbps.

  • Make sure the system updates on your device are up to date. You can usually check this from the device's settings

If you are using the app on a mobile device, please also check the following:

  • Check that you have given the app the necessary permissions

Our mobile app requires microphone permission to launch the song view. The application uses real-time input from the microphone to calculate points for PLUS songs and graphically displays the song as it is sung.

If the issue persists, please contact us at

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