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Using external display and the pop up player
Using external display and the pop up player

Create a better user experience with Singa karaoke using a separate display for karaoke

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Connecting and sharing external display

Using Singa with a browser enables separating singing view and queue composing to different displays so you can browse songs while karaoke is playing. These instructions will guide you through the process of sharing your display easily:

Enable extended display

(Press Windows-key + P-key and choose Extend-option)

About connecting the external display

If you are facing problems with connecting the external display, check your computer's display settings. Make sure that the display is extended, not duplicated.

For more information and advice for troubleshooting, visit the links below:


Popup-window, how to use?

The song queue and a separate window open from the karaoke player

Gather your karaoke songs to queue and sing without interruption when singing multiple songs or at your home karaoke parties!
You'll find a song queue from the bottom right corner of your browser window. You can add songs to the queue with the "Add to queue" button, which you'll see when opening a song page, or from the thumbnail on top of the song cover when browsing songs or lists.

Add as many songs as you want and press "Start Singing". You will see a queue below the karaoke player when the song is playing. You can also see the length of your queue and, if necessary, clear the queue if you want to change songs.

You can also queue your playlist by selecting one of your playlists and pressing the "Add to queue" button. The song string will appear at the bottom right of the screen and now press "Start Singing". To delete songs from a playlist, move the cursor over the desired song and press the trash can icon on the right.

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