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New email address and email related issues

How do I update my email address in my Singa account?

Written by Natalie
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How do I change a new email address for my Singa account?

You can update your email address from your account settings by logging in to your Singa account with an internet browser:

  1. Go to

  2. Log in with your Singa account with your Singa credentials (user/email + password).

  3. Click your user on the top right corner and choose Account.

  4. Click Modify next to the email column.

  5. Update your email address in the email address field.

  6. Press the "Update email" -button to save changes.

    Can I create another Singa user account with the same email address?

    You can only create one Singa user account with one email.

    My Singa user account is registered under an email address I no longer use. What do I do?

    If your Singa user account is registered to an email you no longer have access to, the email address can be changed to a new one.

    Please note that if the new e-mail already has a Singa user account created, the account must be deleted first. Instructions for account deletion here.

    If you are unable to delete your Singa account yourself, please contact our support:

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