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I received an email regarding payment failure, what does it mean?

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Singa Premium-subscribe payment failed

If your payment card could not be charged, you will receive an automatic reminder. The payment system will try to charge your card 3 more times. If the charge is still declined even after the fourth attempt, the order will be canceled automatically. There are several reasons why a charge may fail, including the most common ones below.

No sufficient funds

Check that the account connected to your card has a margin. The payment system will try to charge your card again. When the fourth attempt fails, the order is automatically canceled. You can place a Premium order again and again if this happens.

The payment card is due

To change your expired payment card, log in to your Singa account through a browser. Through the profile, you will find a billing section in the settings where you can add your new card.

EU payment service directive PSD2

If the charge fails even though the account has a margin, it may be because you did not perform a strong authentication (PSD2). You may need to go through additional steps to verify your identity when you make any purchases or orders online with your card.

Changing the payment method also requires strong authentication, ie always pay attention to these things, for example when changing your card. All purchases over € 30 and every 6th purchase require strong authentication. Read more about the PSD2 Payment Services Directive here.

Payment card is invalid

It often happens that the payment card purchase settings have been reset, for example, if the card has been changed. Check with your online bank to see if your card's online purchases are approved and the usage limit for online purchases is so high that you can make purchases.

Other problems with charging

Please note that we may not, as a third party, receive or view any information related to a payment other than general codes related to payment transaction declines. Therefore, you should always contact your payment card issuer if you have any problems with payments.

If you need more information or assistance with your Singa account, please contact

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