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For what purposes may I use Singa Karaoke for private individuals?
For what purposes may I use Singa Karaoke for private individuals?

In what environments am I allowed to use Singa Premium?

Written by Per Granqvist
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Singa for private use

Singa Freemium or Premium is meant for use in private only. Private events such as house parties are however included. The karaoke videos published in the mobile app and on our website are licensed, and permission to broadcast is entirely dependent on the location, as well as how and what is allowed at said location.

What is considered home use?

  • Home Parties

  • Private events for a closed group

  • Non-commercial events

What is considered public use?

  • Social media services/channels

  • Streaming video on social media

  • Public use for commercial purposes

Publishing videos on social media

  • Songs published in any group on a social media service provider are under the copyright licenses of that service provider, regardless of the source from which the background music is played.

  • If the song you are playing plays usually, the license held by the service provider is sufficient

  • If the song video is muted or interrupted, then the service provider might consider that the song unfortunately can not be played on the service

  • The person who posts the video will not be penalized for posting song videos where the sound is partially muted or interrupted

  • Karaoke background videos along with the lyrics are not allowed in personal videos for copyright reasons.

  • Singa does not hold the rights to allow the use of the content anywhere other than within the Singa service for private users or by using a Business license.

Singa offers commercial licenses that are specifically designed for commercial use. If you're interested, please contact our sales team at:

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