If you have a Premium subscription but can only sing 5 songs for free, you can try restoring your purchase. The reason behind the issue can be something else as well, so make sure to check the wider help article on the subject in this article.

The details of a completed purchase don't always make their way to us, which can cause the subscription to not show as active within the Singa service. This is more likely to happen with the App store than with Google Play. Please see below for steps you can take to try and restore the purchase on both iOS and Android.

For subscriptions started via the Apple App Store:

  1. Open the Singa app on your device

  2. Open your profile by tapping the profile picture/silhouette in the top right corner

  3. Find "Subscription settings" section from the list

  4. Tap "Restore purchase"

For reference, you can check Apple's own guide from here.

For subscriptions started via the Google Play Store

Please note the menu system on Android devices might differ slightly depending on the manufacturer.

  1. Open the Settings app on your device

  2. Tap "Applications", "Manage applications" or similar

  3. Tap Singa

  4. Tap "Force close"

  5. Open the Singa app normally

  6. Check if the Premium subscription is now active (e.g. the app's Profile menu not mentioning "Free songs left: 3")

Did this not help, or do you have further questions? Please do not hesitate to reach to us on support@singa.com.

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