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Why have I been charged for the Singa subscription several times?
Why have I been charged for the Singa subscription several times?

Duplicate billing for Singa Premium

Written by Natalie
Updated over a week ago

If you have been charged for Singa Premium more than once in the same month, you may have a duplicate active Premium subscription with another email address.

If you don't remember which e-mail the other subscription could be with, you can search for it by entering the e-mail on the password recovery link page here. If there is no Singa account with the email you entered, you will receive a notification: "The username or email you entered is not associated with an active Singa account." If there is an existing account with the email address, you will receive password reset instructions in that email. Please also check your spam folder.

Your payment card may also be connected to, for example, a family member's Singa subscription. So, they should also check their Singa user account for a Premium subscription. This is how you can view billing information in your Singa account:

  • Log in to Singa with your username/email and password.

  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu below your username.

  • Select Billing on the left side.

You can cancel an unnecessary Singa subscription with these instructions.

Please note that for additional charges made by Google or Apple, you must apply for a refund directly through Google/Apple's customer service.

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