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I have canceled my subscription but I am still being charged?
I have canceled my subscription but I am still being charged?

Singa Premium subscription has been cancelled, but the payments are still being charged?

Written by Natalie
Updated over a week ago

This is mainly because the subscription has not been canceled.

Other reasons may be:

  • Several user accounts have been created with different e-mail addresses, and an active Premium subscription has remained in one of the accounts.

  • Your payment card is connected to the subscription of a different user (for example, a friend or family member)

The status of subscription

You can check your subscription status by logging into your Singa account, go to Settings, and select Billing. In the Billing section, you can check the validity of the subscription for that account and, if necessary, cancel the Premium subscription.

User account

In the settings under Account, you can check with which email address the account was created. You can also try using different email addresses to see if you have more than one Singa account by pressing the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page.

You will receive an error message if an account has not been created with your e-mail address. Correspondingly, if an account exists, you will receive a link in your e-mail to change the password. Instructions for password recovery here.

Deleting the app

Please note that the subscription should always be canceled first to avoid your payment card being charged in the future. Deleting the Singa app from the device does not cancel the subscription.

Google and Apple subscriptions

The subscription could have been made via Google Play or Apple. Check the status of your subscription by logging into the accounts mentioned above and verify your subscription status from your purchases. Cancel the subscription if necessary.

Please note that by accepting the subscription, you also accept the Terms Of Use. You will be charged automatically if the subscription is not canceled in time.

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